Architecture Photography Services

What is the cost for architectural Project photography?

Every project is different so the cost of photography will vary but ultimately comes down to:

base cost + amount of photos purchased 

What is the base cost?

The base cost of $150 covers travel expenses (within Denver Metro area), time to photograph project (1-2 hours) and initial editing of photos. Edited images will be placed in a proof gallery where the client may choose the photos they’d like to purchase. Extra trips to photograph the project are an additional $100. Locations outside the Denver metro area and larger scope projects will have additional cost.

WHAT are the costs of purchasing photos?

Single-family residential photos start at $125/image, while commercial and large scale multi-family projects start at $175/image.  Discounted rates are available if more than 5 photos are to be purchased. To purchase the copyright of photos the base cost is $900/image, see more information below:

Number of Photos

Residential – Price/image

Large Scale – Price/image

1-5 Photos



6-10 Photos



11+ Photos




All Photos  |  Varies per project


What are the terms of use?

Non-exclusive rights for client’s general marketing use, both online and in print. Marketing use includes: company ads, marketing brochures and company website. Also included is image use on third-party social websites such as Houzz, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook Company Pages. If used on third-party social sites, credit must be given to the photographer as “Michael deLeon Photography” with a link to where applicable. Any other use, by client or others, is explicitly prohibited by the copyright holder, Michael deLeon.

WHAT if third parties want to use the photos?

Rights are only granted to the client(s) and NOT to any third party. Should third parties want to secure rights they will need to work out terms and fees directly with the copyright holder, Michael deLeon.

can the photos be published?

If the photos are to be published in magazines, books and/or blogs, the publisher/writer/editor will need to contact the copyright holder, Michael deLeon, to directly work out terms and secure copyright release.

Is there an option to purchase the copyright?

In most situations the option to purchase the copyright is available to the client. The cost is at a higher rate than the standard marketing usage due to the fact the photographer won’t be able to make any new revenue from the photos. If this option is chosen the current copyright holder, Michael deLeon, will retain the right to use the images for marketing use but gives up all other rights.

Do you use supplemental lighting?

I only use the available light inherit in the scene (natural & artificial) and expose for both light/dark areas for post-processing later. During post-processing the multiple photos are manually merged to ensure the best quality.

What post-processing is done?

All images are post-processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Adjustments are made for optimal color adjustments, white balance, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and removal of unwanted objects. Also included are crops and adjustments made to assure vertical lines are straight where applicable.

What size are the photos and in what format?

Full-size images will be around 5760 pixels × 3840 pixels in resolution and can be supplied in numerous formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.) in both 8-bit & 16-bit color. In addition to the full-size images, low-resolution images will be supplied for use on the web.

WHAT is the turn-around for the photos?

The images will usually take between 1-2 weeks from the photo-shoot date to be finished.

WHAT Forms of payment are accepted?

Checks and all major credit cards through (Additional 2.9% fee)